DREN – Forestry Students’ Association at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje


NGO DREN is non-government, nonpolitical, non-profitable and independent student’s organization.
The main mission of DREN is mobilization and motivation of students of the Faculty of Forestry for successful development and improvement of their professional experience and knowledge.
In addition to that, DREN has a noble task – distribution of information related to forestry and the environment to the students of the Faculty of Forestry.
DREN has the right to represent the student’s professional interests on international meetings.
The DREN’s members efforts take a significant role in providing an international students transfer and exchange of knowledge with international forest’s and environmental educational institutions.
DREN is member of IFSA (International Forestry Students’ Association – http://www.ifsa.net).
Students from other faculties and universities can also become members of DREN, regardless of their nationality, religion or gender.
For realizing the goals of the organization, the members of DREN produced a midterm programme. Parts of the vision for uplifting DREN are:
Strengthening the capacity of the organization
Intensified collaboration with relevant related institutions and organizations
Publishing a newspaper which would comprise the activities of DREN as well as new occurrences in the forestry and environmental sector
Project management trainings for DREN members, securing sustainability of the NGO
Active involvement in defining the student programme at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje with concise suggestions derived by previously thoroughly carried out analyses
Organizing expert meetings, public debates, seminars, workshops, scientific field excursions, etc.
Securing more domestic and international practical works for the DREN members, which would provide them with significant experiences and knowledge base
Procreation of experienced and ambitious people, persistent in pursuing new technologies and methods of work